APhA Recent Practice Areas Update Recognizes “Veterinary Pharmacy”

BREAKING NEWS: A recent update to the APhA website added “veterinary” to the drop down menu for the type of pharmacy practice setting—we have finally graduated from “Other”!

Many thanks to APhA for their recognition of pharmacy professionals who serve non-human patients.

“This recognition is one milestone along our path to further the profession of veterinary pharmacy,” said ACVP’s Chairman of the Board, Natalie Young, PharmD, BCSCP, FACVP.  Young added, “In 2021, ACVP was granted a seat in the APhA House of Delegates, which was an important first step. ACVP’s mission is to promote education and leadership of pharmacy professionals in veterinary pharmacotherapy to enhance non-human patient care. Today, over 75% of pharmacists provide prescriptions for non-human patients.  Recognition by our peers is critical to our success.”

ACVP is asking our colleagues to help us show how many of their members are active in veterinary pharmacy practices—simply log into www.pharmacist.com, click on My Account, then click on Name and Practice Setting.  Then click “edit” by the practice setting and select “Veterinary”.

APhA Practice Areas Update