Introduction to Homeopathic Medicines for Veterinary Pharmacists

Date and Time of Activity
Wednesday, August 14, 2024
2 pm EDT/1 pm CDT/12 noon MDT/11 am PDT

Overview — Homeopathic medicines have been used for over 200 years in humans, plants, and animals. They have been recognized as drugs by the FDA since 1938 and are easily accessible over-the-counter in all markets. The use of homeopathic medicines continues to grow in popularity, yet many misconceptions still circulate about their efficacy and safety. Many pharmacists lack training on homeopathic medicines, but pharmacists have an obligation to be well-informed about the strengths and limitations of these drugs. The purpose of this knowledge-based activity is to describe the basic principles of homeopathy and review best practices for dispensing and administering homeopathic medicines to veterinary patients.