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Learn about the great benefits of an ACVP membership.

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ACVP offers a variety of membership levels including; Pharmacist Full Fellowship, Pharmacist Membership, International Pharmacist Membership, New Practitioner (1-2 yrs), New Practitioner (3-4 yrs), Pharmacy Technician Membership, Pharmacy Marketer Membership, Affiliate Membership, Veterinarian Membership, Student Pharmacist Membership, and Corporate Membership.

Coming soon — Veterinary Technician Membership and Veterinary Student Membership

Member Benefits

There are many benefits of becoming a Fellow or Member of ACVP. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to collaborate with veterinarians, provide optimal care for non-human patients, differentiate yourself as a knowledgeable veterinary pharmacist, and to provide you with a network of colleagues also practicing veterinary pharmacy. Educational and networking opportunities are perhaps the greatest benefit. Some of the services and resources available to Fellows and Members are:


The ACVP works with the American College of Apothecaries to offer an essential training program to assist Fellows and Members in creating or enhancing their veterinary pharmacy practice. Veterinary Compounding Essentials class participants receive hands-on experience in compounding the following treatment forms:

  • PLO
  • Otitis preparations
  • Treats
  • Transdermal
  • Suspensions
  • Wound Care

Attendees learn the use of flavoring agents, dose concentrations, inventive ways of working with–instead of competing with–local veterinarians. Training dates can be found on the ACVP website under


The American College of Veterinary Pharmacists is aware of the demand for quality educational programs in veterinary pharmacy practice. Continuing educational needs of members will be met through:

Major educational themes include: Veterinary Physiology,  Veterinary Compounding, Veterinary Pharmacology, Veterinary Marketing, Veterinary Pharmacokinetics.