Project Description

With the onset of the craft beer and home brewing era, it is important to realize that hops can be toxic when ingested by domestic animals. There is no decisive level of consumption considered safe and all incidents of ingestion should be reported.

While all breeds are susceptible to toxicosis, some canine breeds are at higher risk, including:
• Greyhound
• Labrador Retriever
• Saint Bernard
• Pointer
• Doberman
• Border Collie
• English Springer Spaniel
• Northern Breeds (e.g., Alaskan huskies, Siberian huskies)

Signs and symptoms of toxicity:
– Clinical signs can be seen rapidly, in a matter of minutes to hours. Fatality has been documented within 6 hours of ingestion.
– Signs include pain, anxiety, vomiting, rapid breathing, panting and increased body temperature.

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