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Common Names: Lily, Day Lily, Asiatic Lily
Scientific Names: Hemerocallis species, Lilium species

Many species of plants have the common name Lily and not all are toxic. Hemerocallis and Lilium genera are often planted in the landscape or used in floral arrangements. The entire plant is toxic and can cause nephrotoxicity if ingested. Cats are extremely sensitive to the toxic effects of lilies. Avoid using lilies in floral arrangements with inquisitive cats.

Signs and symptoms of toxicity: salivation, vomiting, refusal to eat and depression

Toxic consumption: The minimum threshold for toxicity is not known and if exposure is suspected then seek treatment as soon as possible. As little as 2 leaves or consumption of flower parts has resulted in death.

– Fitzgerald KT. Lily toxicity in cats. Top Companion Anim Med. 2010; 25(4):213-7