June is National Pet Preparedness Month — easy to use digital resources from the US Department of Homeland Security are easily customized for your Veterinary Pharmacy.

Click to access Pet Preparedness ToolKit 

Some additional suggestions:

  • Have a “My Pet & Me” selfie content on your pharmacy Facebook page to encourage customers & the community to have recent photos for identification & proof of ownership
  • Set up a Hydration or Cooling Station outside of your pharmacy or at a local outdoor event or dog park (with permission) with water bowls and/or a kiddie pool
  • Download, share or print Ready.gov’s Pet owner’s planning guide Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Pet Owners with your community
  • Create a retail display selling items for pet emergency kits, pet carriers, forms for pet medical records/shots records, lists of area emergency shelters, etc
  • Post reminders on social media, website, and in-store regarding pet safety and elevated temperatures, fireworks, water safety, traveling with pets
  • Don’t forget large animals and livestock!