ACVP Student Pharmacist Member & Scholarship Winner Attends ACA’s Veterinary Compounding Essentials Program

ACVP would like to proudly announce our student pharmacist member and winner of the ACA Research & Education Foundation George Malmberg Student Scholarship for Compounding Excellence, Dominique Castaneda, for attending ACA’s Veterinary Compounding Essentials course and giving her positive thoughts about the program. The Veterinary Compounding Essentials program provides fundamental techniques for effectively growing the veterinary compounding practice, including calculations, proper safety practices, hands-on compounding, and marketing.

ACVP is here to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have a passion for veterinary pharmacy thanks to our partnership with the American College of Apothecaries.

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“The Veterinary Compounding Essentials program offers bite-size information that is easily digestible, especially for student pharmacists. The staff is open and friendly. This is an incredible opportunity that I am so very grateful for.”

—Dominique Castaneda, October 2023