To our Members and Fellows,

By now everyone is aware of the tragic events caused by Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.  Over a year ago, ACA contracted with the El Conquistador Hotel to host our 2018 ACA|ACVP Annual Conference & Expo.  Due to the damage sustained in the hurricane and the damage to the island’s infrastructure, we have had to make the difficult decision to move our meeting to another location.

We were looking forward to hosting our event in Puerto Rico and build strong relationships with the local pharmacists and technician.  We want to send our thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sisters on the Island, and to let them know that we will be back.  Back to support pharmacy and the people.  For right now, we are encouraging our members who want to do more to help Puerto Rico to donate to organizations such as One America Appeal, Unidos Por Puerto Rico or  Voices for Puerto Rico. Animal welfare organizations assisting shelters and animals impacted by Hurricane Maria include the Humane Society of the United States and Wings of Rescue.

We will be announcing a new venue for the 2018 ACA|ACVP Annual Conference & Expo in the next few days.  Thank all of you for your patience and your support for those affected by Maria.  Our event will still be special, with outstanding speakers, quality vendors, and great fellowship.  Please be on the lookout for our announcement and feel free to call the office (901-383-8119) if we can assist you in any way.

Thank you,

Ryan Oftebro, PharmD, FACA, FACVP
Board President
American College of Apothecaries

Gary Wingate, RPh, FACVP, FACA
Board President
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

Thomas Hunt, RPh, FACA, FACVP
Board President
ACA Research & Education Foundation