VPC 2022

ACVP Veterinary Pharmacy Conference – Speaker Agreement and Information

Thank you for agreeing to speak for the ACVP Virtual Veterinary Pharmacy Conference. Please completed the speaker agreement below by April 15, 2022. This agreement, made between the Speaker and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

Links to the PowerPoint Template, Conference agenda, and Post-Test Question Upload are also below.

April 15, 2022
Speaker Agreement Deadline 

Speaker Agreement

2022 Veterinary Pharmacy Conference | June 10-11

May 23, 2022
Presentation Deadline 

Important Information

Download VPC Slide Template (.pptx)


Speaker agrees to provide ACVP with one (1) presentation of no more than 40 slides, per one hour session, to be included on the attendee website provided to meeting attendees. Please use the Official Conference PowerPoint template provided to you to create your presentation (see presentation guidelines below for additional formatting information).

Securing permission for use within the slide presentation of any material under copyright is the speaker’s responsibility. Release and/or letters of permission, if required, shall be provided by the speaker to ACVP at the time slides are provided.

Please follow these guidelines for developing and submitting your PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Use the PowerPoint template provided to you.
  2. Limit title fonts to Calibri Bold 44, black and text font to Arial Regular 28, black. Text should not be smaller than 18 points to be visible on the screen.
  3. Submit handouts and PowerPoint presentations electronically.
  4. Include supplement materials for future reference purposes (such as articles or sample forms).
  5. Include a bibliography of related literature in your handout, especially if you refer to certain studies or publications in your presentation.
  6. No commercial information of any kind is to be included in your handout.
  7. No videos may be in your presentation.

In addition to your PowerPoint presentation, please include at least 2 additional sources of educational materials as a means to enhance participant understanding of content and foster applications to practice (e.g. reference tools useful in practice, literature studies, informational guidance, key presentation “take home” points, supplemental handouts, etc.)

All items may be emailed to donna@vetmeds.org.

Speaker Agreement Q & A

We may use the presentations as an on-demand CE. Please upload six (6) multiple choice or true/false questions that can be used as test questions.
  • If we have any problems with your uploaded items, we will contact you at this email address.
  • Questions & Answers

    We will be uploading the presentations as an online CE. Please include six (6) multiple choice and/or true/false questions that can be used as test questions.
    Please provide the correct answer in the box below the question.
    New ACPE guidelines require feedback for quizzes. Please provide a one-sentence explanation for each response that demonstrates why that response is or isn't correct.

Please make your hotel reservations at the Raleigh Marriott City Center, 500 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601.

The Conference room rate of $179 + taxes and fees will be available until May 9, 2022. Click here to make your reservations online.

If you need assistance, please contact Susan Decker, ACA/ACVP Director of Conferences at susan@acainfo.org or 434-989-5938.

For assistance with conference registration, contact the ACVP Office at 901.383.1781 or donna@vetmeds.org (preferred).